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Residents become champions

One particular area that the waste management service has used social media to good effect has been to encourage the community to become Neighbourhood Champions. This scheme focuses on tidying up forgotten and unloved pieces of land that are not under public ownership. Areas such as communal garage compounds and rear access-ways behind houses are often unmanaged as ownership is not always clear. Many are jointly and severally owned by the people that use them. In many cases these sites have been neglected for many years and have become known as local dumping grounds, leaving local residents frustrated by the lack of action and the problems getting slowly worse.

Helping residents to clean-up forgotten areas.

The SWAP NOW project is allowing residents the opportunity to start afresh by facilitating clean ups with skips and equipment. After the clean-ups residents can then look after these spaces more easily. Residents in Lancing, Worthing and Shoreham have done their part by clearing vegetation, removing fly-tipped rubbish and general cleaning up in their immediate areas. They have been supported in their efforts by Council officers, local Councillors and even the MP for East Worthing and Shoreham. While each individual clean up is not newsworthy enough for traditional media, the Facebook page in particular has been a valuable means of disseminating the story and encouraging new projects. SWAP NOW is making a big difference to the lives of these local residents!