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'ConGREEN Together' will consolidate the green ideas and approaches for a sustainable environment. Large efforts must be undertaken to reorganize living conditions into sustainable cities, eco-municipalities and eco-villages. In this cluster the focus will lay on "green sustainability" as an evolving term: meet the needs of the current human population while being able to preserve the environment so that the needs of future generations are met as well. When thinking in terms of green sustainability, we need to work on maintaining a balance between nature's capacity to regenerate and the effect to everyone's daily life. Although the efforts may seem too large for one person to make a difference, the truth is that each and every one of us has much to contribute. Focusing on residents of the local communities and searching for new lines of approach to raise their awareness for a greener environment is a very important starting point for the partners in the working out of this cluster idea. The partners need to make conscious efforts to increase people's awareness of their impact to the environment. Involving residents and social economy organizations will improve the bottom up approach of all partners with guarantee of better results for the environment.

Apart from lowering greenhouse gas emissions from cars, there's a lot the partners can do to promote sustainable living, both at the level of residents and at common level (local community or region). This cluster is the opportunity for the partners to combine each other's efforts to create better results. The partnership consists of organizations that already have a focus on waste prevention but that know that energy needs similar approach. Other partners will share their expertise on energy efficient measures to improve the general approach on green growth. Managing, -or better preventing - , waste and use energy intelligently need the same methods of dealing with it.

The different methodologies of all partners gathered in the new partnership will add value to the results of the current project. The 2 2Seas projects SWAP NOW and INSPIRER included in this cluster combine green ideas and methodologies with the main focus on raising awareness. A green environment is high on priority's lists of all residents and local authorities in the EU. Therefore this cluster can back them by offering new lines of approach to help working on a green environment.

Phase 1 will consolidate the best practises and results of the 2 2Seas projects SWAP NOW and INSPIRER to raise awareness for a greener sustainable environment for the local communities. 2 events, 1 with focus on residents as target group and 1 with focus group of professionals, will give all partners the opportunity to disseminate their best practices of the projects within the 4 member states. People, both residents and professionals, will be brought together to generate discussions on the green themes to enlarge the impact of the implemented actions.

A publication will consolidate the actions of the 2 2Seas projects and will create a booklet with best practices and steps to take for a greener sustainable community. Testimonies and experiences will be included to give a better view on the results of the implemented actions.

In phase 2 the partners want to go further than the implementation of the actions of SWAP NOW and INSPIRER. For the partners it is important to know what the impact will be of their actions on waste prevention and energy efficiency. The partners will exchange their existing environmental monitoring tools what offers them information, resources and facilitational support to evaluate their actions. For the local authorities in general policies that promote green growth in general (waste and energy) need to give appropriate information to monitor progress and measure results. After the knowledge exchange the partners will trail these monitoring systems after implementing some pilot actions in their working area. Monitoring progress towards green growth requires tools that are capable of sending clear messages which speak to policy makers and the public at large in raise awareness to the whole community. For the EU in general the results of the trials will be added value for the outcome of the funded projects.